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Befriend Your Body.
Shed Sexual Shame.
Claim Your Power as a Sensual Being.

The Reclaiming Female Sexuality Retreat

Hildale, UT  

May 12-15, 2022

Do you long to feel more confident and comfortable in your own body?

Do you want to level up your knowledge of the female body and your own potential for pleasure?

Are you ready to connect to powerful feminine energy that will have you dancing to your own rhythm?

Come to a 4-day all-inclusive retreat where you will get the chance to explore who you are and what you want as a sensual being, without the pressure to please anyone but yourself

This retreat will give you the space and support you need as you:

Natasha headshot.png

Reclaim Your Sexuality

Certified Sex Therapist, Natasha Helfer will be teaching her highly acclaimed program, "Reclaiming Female Sexuality" over the course of the 4-day retreat.  

If you have low sex drive, feel sexually naive or undereducated, come from a sexually conservative background, participate in "duty sex," or are simply ready to understand more about your sexual potential, this course will help you better understand your sexuality and navigate it through a lens of permission and pleasure, vs duty and unrealistic expectations.

$800 Value

Embrace Your Body's Natural Rhythms

In this workshop with April Davis (sex-educator, menstrual coach, and host of the well-known podcast, "The Vagina Blog"), you will learn to celebrate each phase of the menstrual cycle by creating rituals that work with the the energy of each phase.


Leaning into your cyclical nature is healing, empowering, and gives you the opportunity to better understand yourself. Even if you are beyond the years of menstruating, or using hormonal birth control, you can still embrace the unique gifts and qualities cyclical living offers.


Living cyclically benefits anyone that learns about it and will give you much-sought-after peace about why you are the way you are.

$50 Value

Moon Stages

Tap Into Your Feminine Power Through Creation

The power of creation is an integral part of being a woman. Tap into this power with female form artist, Jen Olson, as she leads you through a watercolor and mixed media painting experience that will have you cherishing your sensuality and female divinity.

If you struggle to accept  the uniqueness of your own female form, this sensory process of mark making and watercolor painting is going to help you express appreciation for all that your body is--whether you consider yourself an artist or not!

$50 Value

Connect With Your Body Through Movement

Creative movement is an amazing way to find release and can benefit you not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Professional burlesque performer, Meadow Lark, will provide a safe space and a guiding hand as you connect with yourself through burlesque-styled movement. This workshop is not focused on turning you into a burlesque performer, but about finding yourself through sensual movement.


If you need a confidence boost in knowing that your body is inherently sexy, if you feel unconnected to your body, or if you have a lot of pent-up emotions, this workshop is for you. 

$50 Value

Modern Dancer

Practice Self-Compassion 

Sunrise Self-Love Yoga with certified yoga instructor, Kelbie Sorenson, is an opportunity to be present & tune into your body as well as your mind & soul. As you practice sending love and healing to yourself from yourself you will experience the power of self-compassion and connection to your inner-being.

$35 Value

Experience the Healing Power of Food

While you are here, our chefs will serve you wholesome, delicious meals and plenty of healthy snacks all prepared in-house. Food is an integral part of healing, so we aim to feed your body and soul with meals that will raise your vibration and bring you joy.

$500 Value


Feel Held and Loved by a Community of Beautifully Authentic Women

This retreat is part of the Just Be Your Bad Self Retreat Series where you are worthy of love just the way you are. 


Welcome to a safe space where you can be YOU--whatever version you feel like being in the moment. Show up to yoga in your ratty pajamas or flaunt that sequined gold jumpsuit you love.  Wear teal eye-liner or skip the make-up altogether.

Feel seen, heard, and understood as you walk this path of self-exploration with other women. These beautiful strangers will quickly become friends as you get real, go deep, and hold loving space for one another. 


Escape From the Pressures of Every Day Life

Escape to Rockmoore--a beautiful haven nestled in the gorgeous red rocks of Hildale, Ut. This 10,000 square foot home filled is with cozy bedrooms, comfortable gathering spaces, and quirky nooks.  Come experience for yourself this environment that nurtures connection, relaxation, health, and joy.

​While most have heard of Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National park, few know about Hildale, Utah. Even though we are located within easy driving distance of both parks, we have our own beauty that is untouched by the masses. At Rockmoore, you can serenely enjoy all of the sights that the red rocks of Southern Utah have to offer without the crowds. 

$1,000 Value


The Rockmoore

The Rockmoore

Water Canyon

Water Canyon

Back Patio

Back Patio

Surrounding View

Surrounding View

Bedroom for 5

Bedroom for 5

The Medieval Room

The Medieval Room





Downstairs Kitchen

Downstairs Kitchen

Surrounding View

Surrounding View

Surrounding View

Surrounding View

Book Lounge

Book Lounge

Main Level Kitchen

Main Level Kitchen

Front Parlour

Front Parlour

Main Gathering Space

Main Gathering Space

This empowering weekend comes packed with value!

*This is the price for the basic level package. Upgrades and payment plans available at checkout. 

If you want even more value...

Register before April 15th to receive the following bonuses:
Cup of Coffee
Tote Bag

Pre-Retreat Meet & Greet

Take part in the pre-retreat Zoom meeting where you will:

  • Connect with Natasha Helfer

  • Privately submit any burning questions that you hope she will address over the course of the retreat

  • Get to know our other clinicians

  • Meet the other guests who will be joining you on this journey of female empowerment

$120 Value

Retreat Swag Bag

Get a Just Be Your Bad Self Swag Bag

filled with fun surprises

that you won't want to miss! 

$250+ Value

Focus Groups with Natasha Helfer

Only those who sign up by the early-bird deadline will be privileged  to join a focus group at the retreat where you will get extra discussions with Natasha in a smaller group setting. These groups focus more specifically on topics that that YOU request such as: sexuality after menopause, sexual values after a faith-transition, or  reclaiming your body a after trauma and abuse

$200 Value

You could 

Show Your Body Some Love

 We are also offering two additional body-love experiences that you can add on to your package at check-out.

Choose your favorite or spoil yourself with both!


Gain self-confidence and self-love by giving yourself the gift of a boudoir session. You will get to see yourself as the goddess you are through the lens of Southern Utah's premier boudoir photographer, Keek Boudoir

Keek is unique because while most boudoir photographers shoot very moody, her work is brighter and shows off your body as is. She knows which poses are going to be most flattering for each body type, and she shoots women of all sizes and colors. It is her goal to make every single one of her clients feel like a goddess.

Sessions includes a prep guide, a lingerie guide, a 25-minute photo shoot with posing guidance, 2 outfit options (or just the sheet) & 20 digital images.

This is an empowering experience you will never forget!

$1100 Value

Only $500 with your package

Celebrate Your Body With Boudoir

Prioritize Your Pleasure with Massage


Spoil yourself with a 60-minute massage in a peaceful setting where you can relax into guilt-free pleasure. Your body and soul will feel rejuvenated after one of our highly-rated massage therapists mindfully soothe your aches and pains. 

Release the pressure of responsibility and let someone else take care of YOU for a change. 

$150 Value

Only $120 with your package


Meet The Team

Natasha Helfer, LMFT

Certified Sex Therapist

Natasha headshot.png

Natasha is a certified sex therapist who helps people recognize how to move into sex-positive spaces. She believes most people have been affected by sexual shame; whether from their familial, religious, or cultural upbringings. She wants to help people understand their potential for authenticity and pleasure through resources, education and experiential exercises.

Untitled design.png

What are you waiting for?

Come be your bad self, embrace your sexuality, and build a community with other beautifully authentic women! 

What Past Guests Have to Say:

"Kimber hosted the most beautiful & impactful retreat. It was just what I needed. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and felt like I grew exponentially from the short time I was there. I’m so excited for all future retreats!"

You may be thinking:

"Can I afford this?" 

A better question to ask is:

 "Can I afford not to?"

Waiting to take care of yourself comes at a cost too.


This price tag may include:

Are you willing to continue to pay that price?


Your soul is shouting for more. 

More growth. More fulfillment. More joy.

It's time to answer that call.

When you make an investment in yourself, the dividends come in ways that you may not even be able to imagine. 


Choosing to answer your soul's call for abundance, empowerment, and self-love has the power to change not only your life, but the lives of those around you. 

Give yourself the gift of an empowering weekend that could change your life.

  • Poor physical health

  • Exhaustion

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Low self-confidence

  • Resentment toward those you love the most

You Are Worth It

We have room for 25 women who are ready to invest in themselves and reclaim their sexuality.

Will you be one of them?

Register Now
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